A complete guide for Google Helpful content updates

We all are aware of the fact that Google search is always working for our growth. It always keeps researching how to connect people to more helpful and good information and so, Google is rolling out on new algorithm update called “Google Helpful Content Update”. It is going to create a broader effect on everyone’s lives, especially by helping people to connect with more original content. In short, we can say that it devalues the content written for search engines. Along with that, it will help boost the written content for people by devaluing it primarily for SEO. Also, this Helpful Content Update has introduced a new signal that can be used by Google for ranking web pages. Not only this, but it will also make sure that low-quality or unoriginal content doesn’t rank high in Google searches. So, if you are writing content to increase traffic then you need to be careful with it. Along with that, it will impact the life of SEOs, it will see how they are performing content strategies, how they are linking strategies, and so on.

Some facts related to Google Helpful Content Update

Here are some of the important Google Helpful Content guidelines that you should know in the short form related to Google Helpful Content Update

Name                  Google Helpful Content Update
Launch Date       To be announced in the week of 22nd August
RollOut                Takes two weeks to fully roll out
Targets                Helping original content to rank better
Search Only        It is applicable to Google Search only

How to properly avoid creating content for search engines first?

We all know SEO is a helpful activity especially when it is applied to people-first content. So, if you also need to avoid creating content for the search engine first approach? So, answering yes to all the questions or only some questions given below is absolutely a warning sign that will help in re-evaluating how you are properly creating content that is across the different sites:

  • Is the content primarily for attracting people from search engines that are rather than designed for humans?
  • Do you produce lots of content on different content in hopes that some of them are performing properly in search results?
  • Are you using extensive automation for producing content on different topics?
  • Are you writing things that are trending for higher ranking?
  • Does your article leave readers feeling like they need to search for it again to get more details from different sources?

Also, there will be many questions related to it, so, you need to answer them accordingly, and along with that, you also need to focus on some questions mentioned below. Just make sure that, if you agree to the respective questions then it means that you are definitely on the right track along with the people-first approach:

  • Do you have any existing or intended audience for your site or business that others can easily find valuable content them but only if they came directly to you?
  • Does all the content properly show first-hand expertise as well as the depth of the knowledge?
  • Does your website have any primary focus or aim?
  • Will your content be helpful for others to learn something about the respective topics?
  • Will someone feel that they are satisfied with your content?
  • Do you keep all our guidance while doing core updates or while having product reviews?

Some important notes related to Google Helpful Update

  • This update will be automated with the help of a machine-learning model.
  • This new update is not a manual action.
  • Sites will remove unhelpful content automatically
  • The update will have a higher impact on English searches as they are planning to expand to other languages too.
  • It is trying to launch different efforts to make the lives of people better.

How business website will be affected by this new update?

If the new helpful content update hits your business, then Google will advise you to remove all the unhelpful content from your respective website. Along with that, your business sites will be impacted by Google for some months. Basically, the new update will target all the websites that have a relatively high amount of unhelpful content, If your business website has some unhelpful content then it will get removed and so, your business website will have a negative impact. But if your website has original content then it would be ranked higher with the help of new helpful content updates. Also, because of this new helpful update, it will put more emphasis on the quality of content as well as depth which will make a good change in the broader SEO approach, said by Google. Also, if you have been creating shallow content that was totally based on key matching for ranking then you may see a good dip in the ranking for SERP but those who have genuine content will not see any kind of impact on their sites.

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